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Enyo 17421.0 Released

After a long time, I have made a practically unnoticeable change to Enyo that I feel justifies a version bump from 0.6 to 17421.0!  This exciting new version numbering system for Enyo will guarantee that I will reach version numbers in the millions by the end of the month!

Check it out at !

(Yes, I am mocking the latest trend of projects inflating their version numbers unnecessarily.  This is not a serious release.)

Stop supporting an expensive to produce, proprietary document format that not everyone can afford but seems to be required for every purpose, including finding a job and education.  Microsoft Office should not be required when there is a free, open-source, widely available alternative available.

Please, use and advocate LibreOffice (  Pass on the message to any office or educational environment that requires an expensive, closed, controlled document format that its use is not fair to people who cannot obtain Microsoft Office.  Help distribute free copies of LibreOffice to those with slower connections.

Make this a more open and free world.

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